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What's Involved In a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Pre-purchase inspections are essential to ensure the machine you are considering is of a satisfactory standard before you buy it, so you get value for money. These inspections are important regardless of whether you are purchasing a brand new or second-hand machine. An inspection will involve checking the machine for any cosmetic flaws as well as testing the functionality of the machine. 

Q-Riims has a team of independent inspectors that have decades of experience in the industry. Q-Riims can inspect almost all of your assets including new and used plant, machinery parts, lifting equipment as well as statutory and non-statutory equipment (ie. pressure vessels, piping and tanks). Our staff will offer a complete inspection of your machine, from mechanical testing to document reviews. After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report indicating the status of all aspects of your machine which will help you find out if any mechanical or cosmetic faults are present.

Why Do I Need a Tank Inspection?

Tank failure can cause substantial asset loss for businesses as a damaged tank can leak its contents and destroy surrounding equipment. API-653 regulations state that tanks need to be inspected at least every five years. Qualified inspectors will conduct an internal or external inspection of the tanks to ensure the tanks have no structural weaknesses. An external inspection will involve checking a tank for leaks, damage, rust and corrosion. An internal inspection will usually involve draining the contents of the tank and then checking the structural integrity of the tank. Q-Riims can do this through the use of a GE Zoom pan and a tilt camera system that will allow our inspectors to gain a detailed look at the interior of the tank. 

Q-Riims also offers the inspection of the interior tanks through the use of a PTZ Remote Visual Inspection Camera. This method of inspection does not require the contents of the tanks to be drained and will give our operators a chance to inspect the interior of the tank while only opening one nozzle. 

QRiims will inspect tanks across any state in Australia and uses effective testing methods such as digital thickness measurement on the wall of the tanks, magnetic particle count, coating inspection and vacuum box/leak testing and welding inspections.

What's Important When Conducting a Boiler Inspection?

Getting a boiler tested regularly is critical to ensure worksite safety and compliance with regulations. Australian Standards indicate that a boiler must be inspected annually, no matter its size. This process involves both an internal and external inspection of the boiler. 

To meet standard AS 3788-2006, all components of the boiler must be individually inspected through an internal and external inspection. External inspections are conducted while the boiler is in operation to check the machine’s structural integrity and pressure retention. Internal inspections are required every six months and include checking aspects of the machine such as fittings, blow off and water connections, deaerators, fireside conditions, superheaters and economisers to name a few.

QRiims uses a technologically advanced PTZ camera system to internally inspect boilers. This method allows for remote operation and quality data collection to ensure your boiler is operating safely.  You can trust Q-Riims to conduct a complete inspection of your boiler to ensure safe mechanisms are operational and up to date.

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