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Pressure vessel inspections, tank inspections, boiler inspections, welding inspections and certifications

Q-Riims employs Australias most experienced and qualified inspectors to undertake professional integrity inspection services to the required regulations and standards. They offer vital experience, but not just in the process of completing risk-based inspection services. Our tank, pressure vessel inspections and welding inspections and certifications aim to be of powerful, professional help, working with our customers to ensure they can fully meet their compliance obligations. They are noted throughout the industry for their ability to offer innovative solutions where these are necessary to achieve compliance.

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Providing asset integrity management and pressure vessel inspections across a wide range of key locations

Geographically, our team operate across a wide area. From our head office in Robina, we work from Brisbane to Byron Bay, Logan to Ballina, Gold Coast, Acacia Ridge, Sumner Park and Darra to Toowoomba. These regions also enable our team to cover key mining oil and gas regions throughout the Surat and Bowen Basins. We also have associated offices in every state capital.

Pre- purchase inspections

Q-Riims offers pre purchase inspections across a huge ranges of industrial services industries. We specialise in pre-purchase inspections on earthmoving plant and machinery through to process sytems including boilers, tanks, generators, electrical switch boards etc. 

You can rely on and trust our diligent, caring, skilled team to ensure that items shipped are verified against documentation and in the condition stipulated in the contract between buyer and seller. All operational and load testing can be witnessed as required by clients to verify equipment is fully operational and meets contract requirements.

Delivering the vital inspection services you require

Our integrity inspections cover above-ground steel storage tank inspections which meet or exceed regulations for both in- and out-of-service models. This covers the requirements for maintaining the integrity of riveted or welded, non-refrigerated, atmospheric pressure, above ground storage tanks. Our inspection fully covers repair, modification, alteration and reconstruction.

Offering a wide range of other key inspection services

These include: 

+ Boilers, reboilers, heritage boilers and piping inspections

+ All types of pressure vessel inspection equipment inspections such as air compressors and receivers, fired heaters and heat exchangers, wine presses, steam generators, static, refrigeration, transportable and rolling stock vessels, autoclaves, sterilisers and other such equipment. 

+ Welding materials management inspections, certifications and testing

If your key needs are not listed in the above examples, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contacting Q-Riims regarding your boiler, pressure vessel inspection or other inspection requirements

To book an inspection, or if you have any questions, wish to outline specific situations or requirements, simply contact us on 1300 80 50 68, or provide key information through our contact page. Either way, we are happy to have an informative and obligation-free chat.

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If you want a safer, more reliable and productive business then it's time to work with Q-RIIMS. Whether you want just one or two of our services or a more complete solution, we'll be glad to offer a custom solution that fits your business perfectly. 

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Q-RIIMS has the expertise, as well as the latest technology and tools of the trade, to ensure you get a thorough and reliable service with jobs completed to the highest standards every time. No two businesses are the same, and we can tailor our audit, inspection or certification to your needs. Even the most difficult jobs are no problem since we have remote navigation cameras which come in handy when manned access is not possible.

Our team provides the highest level of services throughout the full project lifecycle for a wide range of industries, thanks to a foundation of extensive energy sector service and experience. We’ll deliver enhanced value through quality, integrity, and reliability while offering innovative quality assurance, asset management, certification solutions and more to companies, suppliers and sub-suppliers alike.


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