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Professional non destructive testing services from Q-Riims

Non destructive testing covers a wide range of activities with a common theme. As the name suggests, we provide the ability to examine components and systems without causing external or internal damage. This leads to a range of important benefits including a reduction in shutdown and safety costs, quicker turnaround times, and the ability to assess situations in both harsh and confined space environments.

Here at Q-Riims, we provide a wide range of NDT activities to local area customers from Toowoomba to Byron Bay, Brisbane, Acacia Ridge, Sumner Park, Darra, Ballina, Logan - as well as across all states and territories, and key overseas locations. We are a registered Quality and OHSE accredited company and are Achilles audited. What's more, our specialist personnel offer superb onsite support wherever you are.

Key non destructive testing services

Among the wide range of NDT services and solutions we can provide are:

Development of NDT services level 3 technicians and environments

This includes initial certification of NDT personnel covering levels 1 to 3; re-certification at set time intervals as prescribed; and the training,
development and annual maintenance reviews for NDT personnel. Added to these activities can be the design and implementation of NDT inspection facilities and the development and review of relevant quality management systems. We can also arrange pre-audit reviews or facilities auditing services.

Provision of remote visual inspection solutions

Our range of technologically advanced and durable PTZ cameras and borescopes are available for long-term lease or short-term hire and rental or can be hired with an operator or inspector. Contact us for full specification PDF brochures or to assess your situational requirements.

Our Ca-ZoomTm and Inuktun PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) high-performance cameras provide an ideal solution where remote navigation is necessary or manned access cannot be achieved or permitted. They offer key features such as optical and digital zoom capabilities, on-board file managers, camera head positioning, light intensity adjustment, comparison laser measurement, and much more. They can operate underwater, in explosive atmospheres, and undertake large vessel inspections.

Our range of durable advanced borescopes capture real-time or still video views with exceptional clarity, thanks to their high-precision optics. They are perfect for investigating voids and enclosed structures delivered with intuitive data management and analysis software.

Whether you wish to assess your NDT testing personnel, NDT training or environment's needs, or to discuss penetration testing camera or borescope equipment for hire or sale, contact us now by calling 1300 80 50 68, or by accessing our contact page.

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Q-RIIMS has the expertise, as well as the latest technology and tools of the trade, to ensure you get a thorough and reliable service with jobs completed to the highest standards every time. No two businesses are the same, and we can tailor our audit, inspection or certification to your needs. Even the most difficult jobs are no problem since we have remote navigation cameras which come in handy when manned access is not possible.

Our team provides the highest level of services throughout the full project lifecycle for a wide range of industries, thanks to a foundation of extensive energy sector service and experience. We’ll deliver enhanced value through quality, integrity, and reliability while offering innovative quality assurance, asset management, certification solutions and more to companies, suppliers and sub-suppliers alike.


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