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What is Non-destructive Testing?

What is non-destructive testing?

Also known as non-destructive examination, non-destructive inspection and non-destructive evaluation, non-destructive testing is a common analysis process that is used by industries to ensure that their machinery is operating correctly.

As the name suggests, non-destructive testing is various methods of testing machinery, equipment and pressure vessels without physically impacting or entering it. These methods are commonly used in industries such as transportation, building structures, piping, hoisting equipment and industries that utilise pressure vessels, where the damage of equipment could cause injury, delays and income loss.

What does non-destructive testing cover?

Typical things tested during these inspections are the quality and status of the welds holding the piece of equipment together, the structural integrity of the vessel itself and whether all the elements that are incorporated in the vessel are operating correctly.

As non-destructive testing is a blanket name for the type of testing, it incorporates multiple different testing methods that each cover different elements within a pressure vessel.

Some of the most common tests that are used to examine pressure vessels are visual testing which is performed to both the inside and outside of the vessel without causing it to lose pressure using cameras and borescopes, leak testing which tests for leaks in the vessel multiple techniques including bubble testing, thermal and infrared testing, and ground-penetrating radar.

Other techniques used in non-destructive testing include:

- Acoustic Emission Testing

- Electromagnetic Testing

- Guided Wave Testing

- Laser Testing

- Magnetic Flux Leakage

- Microwave Testing

- Liquid Penetrant Testing

- Neutron Radiographic Testing

- Radiographic Testing

- Ultrasonic Testing

- Vibration Analysis

What are the benefits of non-destructive testing?

Non-destructive testing has a wide variety of advantages, aside from the obvious lack of damage. It's safe for the testers; it's highly accurate; it's cheaper than physical testing and can help you identify faults in your pressure vessels before they fail and cause damage. Because this type of testing can be completed without having to depressurise and shut down the pressure vessel, it allows for quicker turnaround times while reducing the downtime of the vessel.

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When you are working with equipment that operates at high pressures regularly such as boilers and storage tanks, it is essential to ensure that they are in peak operating conditions at all times. Any sudden changes to the tanks contents losses or spikes in the pressure could be catastrophic if there is an undiscovered fault in the tank and could result in damage to not to the pressure vessel but to the staff and other equipment that operates around it. This is where the process of non-destructive testing can help ensure the safety and peak operating conditions of your pressure vessel.

Non-destructive testing

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