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Inspection services made easy, safer and better with a PTZ Camera

Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Tank and Piping inspection has been revolutionised with the development of the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera and Q-Riims customers are very happy with the results.

Our inspectors have given our customers the opportunity to first hand witness the image quality, superior illumination, ease of use, versatility, manoeuvrability, and underwater capabilities and the feedback is fantastic.

Historically climbing in and out of customers plant and equipment has been dangerous, costly and challenging but the use of these versatile cameras has improved customers productivity, given them much better results, speeded up the process and eliminated the need for confined space entry (CSE) and enhanced the safety of inspection operations.

These rugged yet highly specialised devices are allowing for fast and easy viewing of enclosed spaces plus enabling detailed and accurate viewing from considerable distances.

Widely acknowledged in the industry now as being the best available it is used across a diverse range of industries for easy and simple operation.

With the highly technologically enhanced technological capabilities it is the must have inspection tool and remote visual inspection device for better inspections and where inspectors or technicians cannot or should not be venturing.

Growth, Relationships and Benefits

Growing our Boiler, pressure vessel inspection, tank and piping testing and certification services in the meantime building an excellent relationship is benefiting local industry. Reducing their insurances and contractor management risks, enhancing safety of operations and productivity in addition making sure we maintain our ISO accredited also for quality, and OHSE.

So what else makes our customers happy?

Conducting annual inspections on boilers, periodic pressure vessel and tank inspections, piping inspection programmes and more each professional inspector carries about $250,000.00 of innovate solutions on hand at any given time in the back of the vehicle plus they are also welding engineer, welding inspector, crane and lifting inspector, lead auditor, Risk based Inspection Specialist and Certificate 4 Trainer and Assessor with NDT equipment in hand.

What’s not to like with support like that!!! And the boiler maintenance companies feedback is it makes them look good. A WIN WIN

Q-Riims include our PTZ camera, Ultrasonics sets for out to in inspections and the smaller IPLEX Borescope for getting down tubes and nozzles as part of our daily toolkit for annual inspections of boilers and periodic in service inspections of pressure vessels when supporting the boiler maintenance company and local organisations hence they get one hell of a bang for their buck!!! And they are loving it.  

For us to price this type of equipment on top of our rates is out of their affordability so why do we do it. Well we feel our customer should get the best service with the best technology and we grow a great relationship. It’s a 'WIN WIN' for everyone and we have an obligation to be a good bloke when we service our customers and turn up for work each day.

Supporting our customers with provisions of PSV/PRV testing and calibration shortly, provision of management plans and for our bigger customers providing comprehensive Asset Integrity Management Systems, Information management Plans and the like with RBI services and audits etc. Everyone at all levels get the right support 24/7

Q-Riims customers are seeing more and more value every day from our services but wait there’s more…

Can our customers hire the equipment themselves?


With the added advantage of knowing they have the opportunity to lease, buy, rent to own  our Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) such as PTZ cameras, crawlers etc for their own use with the best rates going too!!!! And full training – so if you’d like more information please contact us https://www.qriims.com.au/contact or email kevin@q-riims.com Free call: 1300 80 50 68 or mobile: 0437 270663


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Q-RIIMS has the expertise, as well as the latest technology and tools of the trade, to ensure you get a thorough and reliable service with jobs completed to the highest standards every time. No two businesses are the same, and we can tailor our audit, inspection or certification to your needs. Even the most difficult jobs are no problem since we have remote navigation cameras which come in handy when manned access is not possible.

Our team provides the highest level of services throughout the full project lifecycle for a wide range of industries, thanks to a foundation of extensive energy sector service and experience. We’ll deliver enhanced value through quality, integrity, and reliability while offering innovative quality assurance, asset management, certification solutions and more to companies, suppliers and sub-suppliers alike.


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